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Founded in 2008 | Parent to Bebelliet Studio


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AddressColorado | United States
Haifa | Israel
Daytime phone+1 970 980 5158
Mobile phone+972 53 746958
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How do art & advocacy go together?
(If we were you, we we'd ask the same question...)
The answer is that we've gone where needed;
doing work we are passionate about.
Sometimes one is needed without the other;
but in projects for entrepreneurs with disabilities
small businesses, and community organizations,
our creativity is often helpful in many directions
for problem-solving and business development.
Our areas of expertise include the following:
  • art/photography/design
  • small business development
  • human service consulting
  • supported self-employment
  • marketing/operations
  • long-term care system navigation
  • program approved agency application

Our mission is this:
Represent where there is underrepresentation to emphasize that individuals of ALL abilities set the bar;
and no hard-working, kind, interesting, multi-faceted person should fall below it.

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