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What is PMB Concept?

~Founded in 2008: Parent company to Bebelliet Studio. 

Representing where there is underrepresentation to emphasize that individuals of ALL abilities set the bar; and no hard-working, kind, interesting, multi-faceted person should fall below it.    

  • Human Service Consulting/Advocacy
  • Program Development/Program Coordination
  • Application for Program Approved Service Agencies
  • Funding/Medicaid Waiver Navigation    
  • Supported Employment and Small Business Development for Individuals/Entrepreneurs with Disabilities     
  • Affordable design/photography services for supported self-employment projects by Bebelliet Studio   

[email protected]             970-980-5158

For an individual with a diagnosed disability, their diagnosis, or means of adapting to it is all-too-often others’ primary focus. This is a problem because it limits perspectives about "ways of doing and being in the world" (author Nick Roussos,, perpetuates stereotypes, and affects how each next generation comes to view and relate to people with disabilities. The outcome is that having "typical" abilities is perceived as the standard, and anything that deviates from that is considered substandard, and is consequently marginalized.

That standard needs to change; and PMB Concept is privileged to have the task of changing it.


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